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AmazingKids360 & BOOST360

In response to the current closure of our gym, North Shore has created two amazing ONLINE programs to help your child retain their strength and flexibility at home while they can't be in the gym.

AmazingKids360 & BOOST360!

With AmazingKids360 + BOOST360, you get the high quality product you have come to expect from North Shore in the comfort of your own home.

AmazingKids360 ($20 month)

Not your traditional gymnastics class, the AmazingKids360 program includes the things your child needs to be successful gymnastics without actually doing the skills. Focus is on gymnastics based strength and flexibility with some low impact skills sprinkled in will keep it fun and interesting. New online classes are posted at specific times each week allowing you to participate in class at a scheduled time to help with accountability, or whenever time allows in your schedule. It's up to you!

BOOST360 ($20 month)

BOOST360 will take your at home training to the next level! While AmazingKids360 includes all of the online classes, curriculum and bonus activities, Boost360 provides all the interaction your kids crave from their coaches. Using the ClassDojo platform, students will be able to upload videos of themselves showing what they are working on and get one-on-one personal feedback from our coaches. With our curriculum based online classes, kids have the opportunity to “master” the activities being worked on so they can see themselves progress.

*BOOST360 must include the AmazingKids360 platform.

*Online programs are billed monthly and ongoing. Online class fees are automatically charged on the 1st of each the month. To cancel your monthly online class registration you must email prior to the 1st of the month. 


With our AmazingKids360 website subscription, kids will have access to online classes they can follow along with and safely do at home in their living room or backyard. Each class is level based using a custom online curriculum created just for you!

Each class includes stretching, strength exercises and basic gymnastics skills that can be done on a soft surface in your living room or on a mat in your backyard. You can even get online feedback from our coaches by adding our Boost360 program. 

Let’s see how it works:

Step 1:
Sign up for AmazingKids360 to get access to our online classes. Watch and participate in a level appropriate class. New classes and content are posted weekly.


Step 2:
Add Boost360 to your subscription. Practice your skills and have a parent or friend take a video and upload it to our Boost360 platform. With our mobile accessibility, you can practice and post videos from anywhere; even your backyard!


Step 3:
Hang tight while our coaches watch your videos and provide great individual feedback so you can keep practicing and progressing with your gymnastics.

It’s that easy! Don’t feel cut-off from your favorite activities anymore.

CLICK HERE to register & get started TODAY!

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